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Our Products

A new way to experience music.

The artist opens up to the public by dividing the song into different tracks or stems, allowing their fans to discover the secrets and details that are hard to notice in the original version of said song.

Make a remix of your favorite artists.

Download your own version and share it with friends!

It's an NFT that turns you into a supporter or partner of a project, artist, or creator in a unique way.

FRACTIONAL is a new way of thinking the relationship between the fan and the creator.

It's the possibility to support their new content, but also to be a part of some of the key moments in the artists career, and even receive rewards from the profits that the project generates, that being a track, an NFT or even a tour.

1 fractional = 1 Nft = 1 access to support your artist

What's new about this tool?

The same way streaming platforms democratized the content for the audiences, one of the main objectives of fractional is to democratize property, ways of connection, involvement, and to generate a new way of generating revenue, for the artist that create a fractional as much as for the partners that acquire it.

Se trata de una herramienta clave para generar nuevos procesos habilita una serie de nuevas posibilidades:

New and unique way of monetization.
Possibility to communicate taking advantage of the creation process.
Loyalty and encouragement for their communities.

Unique experience of involvement in a project
NFT linked to the artist with future income
Be owner of a % of a content.