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We offer unique solutions to musical and artistic projects in Latin America to develop and enhance digital communities through the technologies proposed by the web3.

We love music and art.

And create their future.

We are the first NFT platform seeking to strengthen and reconfigure the bond between artists and their fans through original works in new formats, unforgettable experiences and collaborative projects.

A universe without limits

We want to take advantage of blockchain technology in its full spectrum, so we develop unique NFTs that go beyond audio and provide interactivity, such as the mixer, generate unique works and collections with visual artists, develop and sell royalties from projects with Fractional with the aim of generating unique experiences between the artist and their audiences.

A single piece includes unpublished content in multiple formats, with a unique and inviolable certification of ownership and authenticity.

Together with musicians, artists and their audiences, we discovered the enormous potential of decentralized solutions: NFTs, Polygon and the permanent evolution of smart contracts on the Web3.

Digital art assets can also be a ticket to an exclusive face-to-face experience.

It is also an opportunity for musicians and artists to share with their fans the economic benefits of their work, with a market value of exponential projection.

The future of music lies in an ever-stronger connection between new artists and their communities. Limited edition songs allow to generate much more artistic and economic value thar can be shared between musicians and fans.

Want to know what the web3 world for artists is all about?

Institutional Seed investors

Strategic alliance

Ripio, pioneer startup in the Latin American crypto ecosystem.

The Team

Facundo Migoya
Manuel Migoya
Matias Loizaga
Sofia Chasseing
Juan Lanusse
Hernan Carrizo
Jazmin Lavie
Maximo Gurban
Mariano Suppa
Gustavo Iglesias
Jean Jacques Peyronel
Lara Dobniewski
Daniel Abate
Gabriel Lerendegui
Martina Markowicz
Hernan Castro
Nicolas Madoery
Juan Marfany
Sofia Babini
Miguel Castro
Mateo Molinari
Tomas Gestoso Saenz

Projection without frontiers

We were chosen by Acelerar España as one of the most innovative startups in the market, with the objective of deepening the initial phase of internationalization.

Why are we a reference in the crypto world and the entrepreneurial ecosystem?